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December 25th, 2004


Merry Christmas! I hope you guys got a lott of stuff and cool things. I got my phone!! I wanted it for soo long and now I have it! I'm so happy. I also got the Blink 182 cd from Tara (my cousin) and the conversions with god fot teens from Lissy!!! I'm already on the second chapter. I couldn't sleep last night so I was really tired. After brunch ( i may call it brunch but it was kind of like breakfast) I had a nap, then I went on the computer then I had anohter nap. After we had supper and I had a headace because I slept too much. So tonight I'll be up for a while. I also got the Family Guy DVD so I'm going to be watching that to night. I'm also going to watch the sherk 2 DVD that my mom got. Tomorrow at four I'm going shopping with Chels!! Her and I both got new purses so we're ready!! LoL. We're going to have fun. I still have to buy Hilary a present and another present for Lissy. Well I'm going to go now. I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday!! Love you all.


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December 24th, 2004

04:57 pm - Hey!!! Long time no chat!
Hello everyone! I'm so sorry i haven't written in here for sooo long. I kinda forgot about my journal. Hehehe. Anyways today is Christmas Eve!!!! I'm so happy. I wish Lissa could spend it here though. She was her early this month though. She spent a lot of time with my mom which made me kinda mad but we did spend time together so thats good. We went to Polo Park and St. Vital and went shopping!! She bought a cool gift from spencers for Bryan for Christmas and I think that's it. I bought this cool gift box thing for this christmas party I went to!! And i also bought the J-14 magazine (I LUV that mag!!). Lis and I had fun. And also when we went to AUntie Helves B-day party at the Round Table we spent a lott of our time talking. We talked about dreams and stuff. Lol and while i was at the round table guess what I ate that i didn't know what it was. LIVER!! It tasted like the smell of Chelsea's Puppy. I know...that's gorss and weird but hey! It does!!!! Last Wedensday was my last day of school. It was so fun! First period we got to play games and stuff and I played my sp cuz I brought with me. Second period i got to watch "drumroll" which is like the best movie ever!!! Third period i had MATH which i hate but we got to go around the classroom looking at eachothers christmas math project we did. Mine sucked but oh well. Forth period was the secret santa gift opening. I wish i was apart of that but i couldnt because i couldnt bring in my slip. Fitch, Sixth and Seventh period I watched elf!!! It's scuh a funny movie "He's an ANGERY elf!!" hahaha i love that movie. I couldn't stop saying that quote and David stared saying that too! LOL! Last period was a free period but it was boring. Then I got to go home!!! Home sweet home with presents and food and NO HOMEWORK!!! lol I love life. Well now to talk about today! Daddy and I went shopping. Both him and I finished out last minute christmas shopping. I bought grandma these cool gloves that are so warm and fuzzy (lissy has them) and I bought Chels a $25 St. Vital gift certifagate. I hope Grandma and Chels like there gifts. Later i have to go to church. I wanna go but I dont wanna go. I want to show god that I still believe and respect him but I just don't feel like going, but probably becuase I haven't been there for over a year! It's my dance's falut. I had dance last year the same time of church. And after church everyone's going to be looking at christmas lights and opening our christmas eve presnets!! I can't wait. I also can't wait until tomorrow! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! Christmas isn't going to be the same without lissa but oh well. Hopefully next year we get her. Well i better stop writing because it feels like my hands are going to fall off!! Luv yahz *xoxo*
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Current Music: First Date- Blink 182

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October 30th, 2004

02:26 pm

Hi! I can't believe it's almost Halloween! It's tomorrow! The problme is that I don't know what to be. I was going to be a punk, then a witch and now I don't know. Maybe I should be a hockey player like last year but this year I feel like I should be girly since I like girly. Well anyways, I;m still getting a lot of homework but it started to slow down a little since thursday so now I'm a little bit happy. I'm still getting homework but not as much as before. On Wedensday I had worked on homework for three hours though so I was really upset. Well I should go have a nap..I've been really tired all week. It's like I'm under this sleepy spell!


Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: "Lets get it started"_black eyed peas

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October 21st, 2004

06:38 pm - Back from Band Camp!
Hey you guys! I'm back! Band camp was awesome. The food was so good! And they had kitties!!!! They were all so cute!!! The cutest one was mustard (yeah, that's the cat's name and its black!). The band part though was hard. It felt like my lips were going to fall off. I was playing to loud too. But two out of the three songs were repetive so I was really tired of playing the saem three notes over and over again. Also in band camp, a sheep went under the fence and got loose and I started to pet it because it was cute and it hit me! It hurted so bad too! I'm never going near one of those things again. Boy I'm so tired. I was up til 12 last night with my cabin/room group. We were doing truth or dare and someone dared me to hug my band teacher so I did. It was so funny. Well I better go now. Bubbi.

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: "only one"-yellowcard

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October 16th, 2004

11:18 am - GO MOOSE!
Hi! Yay!!!! The moose won last night 7-2! I'm so proud of them! Their doing so well this season so far! I still wish Brandon was still on the team though. I don't even know what team he play's for now!
I still got a lot of homework...I am getting it done but there's just too much! Well I got to go finsih some homework now. Good-Byez!

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October 13th, 2004

04:59 pm - long time...no talk!

             Hello! Sorry I haven't been writing in here! School is soooo busy with me! I have soo much homework from my math and science teacher! It's crazy!!!!!
           Well anywayz... I'm soo mad at my school! They cancelled our first school dance of the year! And this year, I'm FINALLY allowed to go because it's only for grade 7-9. I even got my outfitt all picked out and i was saving money too for it!
           I'm also sad...my friend Tyler, who I met at my uncle's brother lake, still hasn't replied to any of my letters! His uncle gave me his address though so he might have made an error or two. I miss Ty so much though! We had the best time at the lake! I miss his sweetness too. He was soo nice that you wouldn't beleive it. He said sorry when he splashed he little brother and just got a drop of water on me! Ahhhhh! I wish sooo much that I'd see him.
           Today at school was soo funny! lol, we have a sub for our LA and SS teacher and she's....funny! Yesterday she spelled "fish" like "bish" and Ryan, a boy in my class said "bish" and it sounded so funny! And today she was talking about J-lo and her "bling-bling"! Oh my gosh it was so funny how she said bling bling!
           I'm still not none catching up but I'm just to lazy to type so god-byez!


Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: "welcome to my life"-simple plan

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September 15th, 2004

07:36 am
Ahhhhhh!!!! My teeth is still hurting from yesterday. Yesterday I got my braces tighted. It hurts soooo much! But it doesn't hurt as much as yesterday. Anyways....yesterday, after I got my braces tighted I went shopping with my mom to look for a top for my school picture. I couldn't find anything! I love shopping but not when I go home with nothing. Hopefully I'll find something before next week since my picture will be taken next week. Today I have school!! lol Like no duh! Anyways.....today is hat day! You have to pay $1 and then you get a sticker, you put it on then you get to wear a hat!!! All the money will be going for the Terry Fox Run. Today is going to be boring though because I have LA, Math, French, SS and Scinece and I only like LA and Math. Oh well. Well I better get going. I still need to make my lunch! Well bubbi!!!

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September 9th, 2004

04:26 pm
Hia! Sorry about not updating my journal that often! I was so busy and excited for school!!! School is awesome!!! I love my teacher Mrs. Vermeylen even though she does talk a lot. Well specking of teachers, I'll list them all down!!!!

Math and Scince: Mrs. Foster
LA and SS: Mrs. Vermeylen
Band: Mr. T and Mr. P
Gym: Mr Sigiutt(I HATE HIM!!!!)
A.A: Mrs. Mencer and Mr.Adams
French: Dunno yet

Well anyways, grade 7 is fun!!! I love going to all these differnt classes and being "responceable"!! lol well i better get going now!
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: perdicable-good charlotte

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August 31st, 2004

05:20 pm


look is always new, fresh and cool. You like to change your style, so that it's always amusing.
Definitively a
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August 28th, 2004

08:02 pm - I'm.....BACK!
Well yesterday I got back from my trip, FINALLY! I'm still un-packing though. It's going to take me forever to un-pack. Today I went shopping with me dad. We also put my babysitting money in my bank account. Before that though, I went on the treadmill. I was on there for 60 minutes and after I got off it felt like I didn't know how to walk! Well later on today I went to Chels's house to go see my lil sweetie Jessie! She growing up right before my eyes! I haven't seen her for two months but still, she has long hair, can walk by herself and she just get's cuter everyday! Tonight I'm going into my hottub and I'm going to have a fire after! I missed my hottub so much while I was babysitting my cousin. Well I got to go. Time to go in the hottub!
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed

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